Companies with effective wellness programs have significantly superior business outcomes and financial returns compared to those that don’t. Health related work losses cost employers more than just the direct medical expenses: it also affects morale and productivity long after the employee returns to their desk. Evidence suggests that when executed properly; employee wellness programs could boost employee engagement, leading to improved retention and productivity. In addition, an employee wellness program engages and benefits employees outside of the office, so they are more likely to feel that their job has a positive impact on multiple aspects of their lives, and they will be more likely to stay with the company long-term. At Amber Medical Clinics our wellness program is tailored to address the top five most common causes of workplace absenteeism

Our program is built on the principle that most chronic diseases are lifestyle related and are therefore preventable. We recognize that employee wellness has no quick fix but is instead a journey that requires monitoring, evaluation of outcomes, accountability and a long term partner.The Amber wellness program focuses on


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